Club 42 Baseball was started with the intention and purpose to give an affordable, high-quality, best-in-class option for student-athletes ages 10-16 who are passionate, talented, and dedicated to improve their baseball ability for today and wherever their baseball future takes them.  In addition, Club 42 provides players access to tutors in all subjects and at each education level (elementary, middle & high school) for any player in need of academic support.

Club 42 Coaching Staff

We have a team of 8 professional instructors including former MLB Minor league players Al Quintana (Toronto Blue Jays), Cole Cook (Cleveland Indians), Ryan Delgado (Atlanta Braves) as well as a host of local high school and college coaches with strong Division One college backgrounds & experience.  Each are highly qualified professional baseball coaches with a passion for working with young players who are excited and eager to develop their game.

Al is a Southern CA native, played college baseball at Cal State Northridge and after being drafted, spent 8 seasons in the Toronto Blue Jays organization.  Al has an amazing rapport to motivate young players and emphasize the fundamental qualities to become a great young baseball player.

Cole is a New York native, played college baseball at Pepperdine and drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the Fifth round in 2010.  Cole made it as high as AAA before retiring in 2014 and now resides in Southern CA.  Cole will be working exclusively with Club 42 pitchers to help them hone their ability and maximize their God-given talent on the mound through technique and discipline.

Ryan is a Southern CA native, played college baseball at Azusa Pacific University and after being drafted in 2010, spent 3 seasons in the Atlanta Braves organization.  Ryan has amazing patience & connects quickly with young players and develops their confidence which is key to any players lasting development.

We are fortunate to have a devout & experienced professional coaching staff to lead our player development & training.  Each player is assessed and developed by blending their natural ability with the proven fundamental elements to maximize each players talent.  And to reach maximum ability, each player must be willing and committed to give their very best effort - which, as in life, will drive excellence in the kids as players and people.

Club 42 Management Team

Club 42 Academy was founded in 2014 by Brannin Pitre and Jeff Griffith - both are passionate about developing strong character in young people and love the game of baseball.  In the summer of 2017, Club 42 Academy was approved and received the 501c3 non-profit operating designation from the state of California's Attorney General.  We are proud to be recognized as a premiere and the exclusive student-athlete development program in the greater Pasadena area.

Along with our Advisory Board and Board of Directors and a host of coaches/advocates/scouts from local youth leagues in and around Pasadena, we have formed a great network to evaluate and find players of high-quality - in both ability and character.  All are welcome to tryout and we are committed to provide your player with an honest & objective evaluation, but we are an invite only organization to maintain the quality and level of excellence we expect from each player and the teams that represent Club 42 Academy.